Reckitt’s Crown Blue (Pack of 48)


Reckitt’s Blue. The original 1800’s Ultramarine Laundry Blue. Full box of 48 individually wrapped blue.

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48 Squares of Reckitt’s Crown Blue, individually wrapped in paper and in a cool, original design outer cardboard box. The original laundry blue. Also knows as Dolly Blue, Blue Bag and Reckitt’s Blue. The original ultramarine blue which is used as an optical whitener for whites using traditional laundry methods. We have never tried the following, but have been told by customers that these have been used in the past for whitening horses manes, treating bee stings, for purification bathing and in school experiments with crystals.

Sadly this product was discontinued in 2015, but Carbolic Soap Company purchased as much as we could to keep supplies going as long as possible. Buy while stocks last.

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